How to order?

The order at Western styl is easy,qiuck and clearly arranged. Choose one of the following ways to order.Your order will be completely and carefully process.

By email

You may send your completed order on our mail address info@westernstyl.cz.

By form

Fill in and send your order.The processing time is 1-2 weeks.

How to pay?

Goods ist delivering by post.You will pay during acceptance in cash.

Contact us

You may write us on our mail address info@westernstyl.cz.



Important information

Placing your order – your personal style

Write down your ideas before calling. Read your ideas and wishes carefully in following order:

  • fabric
  • fabric colour ( event. combination)
  • cut ( if not in our offered styles, we need a hand written draft or a sample)
  • quantity
  • your contact phone number

How to fill the form

Please, fill in the form carefully, only then we can start work. If not clear, please do not hesitate contacting us.

Further questions

In case we do not understand your placed order in material, cutting, size etc, we will contact you via phone number in your order.


We guarantee a minimum of a 2-year warranty.



E-mail: info@westernstyl.cz


Suchardova 236,
Kladno 1, 272 01

The Czech Republic

Opening hours

Mo - Thur : 8.00-16.00
Fr : 8.00-15.00

Bank account



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