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Western styl

Women want to look great even when or taking part in a competition. They need to look impressively on two sides – the way they perform and the way they look – and it goes hand in hand with a perfect fit costume or outfit.

We offer an excellent opportunity to have your clothes made in a personal western style. Western style preserves and develops essentials of Western Riding and Western Show such as riding skills, precise handcraft, and nature closeness. Western riding and clothes in competitions has become a necessity. Judges mark attire as one of the features in their evaluation.

Our intention is not to offer something new or special but follow the traditional way. Ideas and outlines are intended for ladies who fall for original pieces, sober clothes in combination with feminine touch and also for those who appreciate hand-made work detailed in convenience and precise cloth choice. Our tailor is responsible for perfect manufacturing based on her 20-year experience.

Our hand tailor made products will follow your individual western attire requests – from small designs to show clothes. We acquire a personal approach to bring your clothes into life and its purpose. Your attire can be original for a decent price instead of expensive regular line. We will gladly adjust your shirt with a logo or a name tag.


Custom made models

We make clothes according to customer’s needs and requests or we can design an original piece. Cloth and materials are available in our shop or order from our suppliers’ samples. Other possibilities:

  • Swarovski crystal clothes
  • curved bottom hems
  • adjustable pockets
  • colour differences on a saddle
  • shoulder, elbow, and knee patches

Making an order

When placing an order we need to know:

  • cloth material
  • cloth colour ( some additional colour combination)
  • custom fit ( if it doesn’t identify with our fit sizes) in a drawing or a sample
  • quantity

Following this information we will offer a proposal of price.


We can make your wish true, fix, change or adjust to your needs

Custom fit

We produce all kinds of woman styles:

  • blouses, shirts, tops, vests
  • skirts and dress ( casual and former)
  • Chaps of various lengths and designs
  • suits with/ without lining
  • blazers, jackets, and coats

Tailoring and alterations

Come and trust our tailoring services in. Your satisfaction is our goal::

  • hem original
  • replace zippers
  • sides in
  • add/remove lining
  • repair pockets

Specific requests

You can have a custom fit outfit even if you do not get into our size chart or you do not find what you are looking for. We will help you with all service – from design to fittings with personal approach.

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