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covgirl Our company “Western styl” has been on the market since 2009 when I first tried to make a few models of ladies western slinky tops. And it worked! I have worked in hand tailoring for more than 25 years. My first attempts were on my grandmother’s evening dress and then it continued until now with some experience at tailor masters and makers of men suits.

Specific cutting technique courses, leather making and unforgettable work experience at Barrandov studios. So after standard tailoring, interior designs, evening dresses, trimming and adjusting I got to my “western styl” world of fashion.

Western clothing appealed to me from the very beginning because it offers a wide range both simple and more delicate models in American western style. These models can be decorated with glittering Swarovski beads. We are able to follow your own ideas thanks to exclusive exported materials, strong desire, and precise work of our team.

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