High quality materials and original models

Customers can choose from a wide range of fabric samples. Materials used in our production are exported mainly from Italy, Spain, Germany etc. Models can be adjusted to our customer’s needs and wishes; if needed we can help with some ideas of our designer, or we can design a brand new model. Therefore we can guarantee originality and perfect fitting of our products.

  • Western clothing is made only from pre-shrunk and lasting colour fabrics granting GSM ( grams per square meter) and stucture
  • You can choose from various materials – cotton, polyester, lycra, leather imitation, or genuine leather
  • You can also choose from a wide range of colours – according to the sample book
  • GSM – 135 to 270
  • Precise detail work in sewing and finishing your clothing is a must
Table of sizes

For the production of western style models we use high quality materials and fabrics fitting your jeans and chaps. A western hat is a need!

Cowgirls modely pro rok 2013

New: Cowgirls models in 2019

Ušití modelu dle vlastního vzoru

Tip: sewing for personal style

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